Xiamen Heads Valve show publicity
The following is the second half of the company in 2010 some show information. Then welcome to visit and guide.

Achema Asia Show 2010
Dates: 1-4 June 2010
Venue: Beijing, China National Convention Center
The world's largest process industry exhibition - Achema show, back to China after three years, holding her Asian tour exhibition - the eighth of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Exhibition and Conference (Achema Asia Show 2010 .) De Xima from Germany - Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Association, every three years alternately in Frankfurt and Beijing held.

The first time since 1989, held in Beijing since the Achema Asia has successfully held the seventh consecutive. A high degree of "internationalization" and "professionalism" is the most significant features of the exhibition. The last exhibition in 2007 attracted a total of Asia from 27 countries and regions, 5,005 exhibitors and 30,000 professional visitors, nearly 9,000 square meters of net exhibition area. Large scale and by the German exhibition organizers to provide high quality management and services to further a solid lead in the show, the exhibition reflects In China, Asia, and for manufacturers, traders and other industry leading business platform to build service purposes.

China has been high hopes to become a driving force to lead the world economy, China's process industry is a golden opportunity to usher in rapid development. Achema Asia exhibition will be in the process, with its profound influence on Chinese and foreign industry to promote greater exchange and integration to contribute. "World's Achema" is the show's exhibition concept, but also to show the most appropriate evaluation.

In June 2010 about the opening of the exhibition will mark the eighth Achema Asia, more exhibitors and visitors. Near the nest of the China National Convention Center has been chosen as the new exhibition venue, the show will be better facilities, more convenient transportation to meet exhibitors from home and abroad and the audience. There is no doubt that this year's event will once again become the next foreign direct dialogue process industry, the best time to seek cooperation

South China International Exhibition of Fluid Machinery and pump valves
Dates: 24-26 June 2010

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre

South fluid show an annual, fixed in Shenzhen, Guangdong organized. The exhibition and the "South Water" exhibition jointly organized by the scale has expanded each year to improve the quality of each year, has become influential fluid machinery exhibition. The last show attracted more than 300 Chinese and foreign brands and more than 10,000 professional visitors to participate. The exhibition will increase resources for integration efforts, improve professional standards for the industry to create high-quality business platform.

Scope of Exhibits: pumps: centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, metering pumps, chemical pumps, fuel pumps, process pumps, sewage pumps, vortex pumps, pump, multistage pump, corrosion resistant pumps, pneumatic pumps, pipeline pumps, pulp pumps, air-conditioning pumps, submersible pumps, pool pumps, liquid pumps, magnetic pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, circular pumps, high viscosity pump, trash pump, and other special pumps; pumps and various types of supporting ancillary equipment.

    Valves: ball valves, butterfly valves, valve, piston valve, solenoid valves, discharge valves, check valve, globe valve; throttle valve, plug valves, diaphragm valves, pressure reducing valve, control valve, valve Class of complementary products and related accessories.

    Fluid engineering and process industry: fans, compressors, filtration and separation machinery, drying machine, gas separation and liquefaction equipment, gas purification equipment, vacuum equipment; hydraulic parts, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components, seals, instrumentation, transmission , actuators, controllers, regulators, sensors, automation and control systems, pressure vessels and accessories.

CIAI2010 China International Industrial Automation & Instruments Exhibition
Dates: 18-21 August 2010
Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center

[Show Background]
- The financial turmoil sweeping the global haze everywhere, and the Binhai New Area contrarian rise, investing heavily in continued good news
- Revitalization of the State Council, China's top ten planning all appearances, fully boost the coastal, industrial automation equipment, thriving
-4 Trillion business imperative, a wide range of industries, major efforts to revitalize + technology support, and grasp the opportunity coastal beach
- Old and new Tianjin Binhai drive, all the activation of upstream and downstream industries, strong demand for 18,000 square kilometers
- Zhang Gaoli welcomed by host Coastal Development, extending the Shenzhen and Pudong astonishing growth
- Beijing-Tianjin inter-city 32 minutes the two cities accessible, the political center, economic center of a high degree of integration
- Tianjin Binhai New Area, GDP in the first half of this year increased by 23%, ranking first in the country
- You can miss Shenzhen, can not miss Pudong, Pudong, you can miss, and then can not miss the coastal

2010 Asia (Singapore) International valve, pipes, compressors and systems equipment exhibition
Dates: 1-3 September 2010
Venue: Singapore
PSA2010 is the most important Asian markets International Fluid Machinery Exhibition, no one wants to miss this chance to show the best valve products! As the PSA has a 18-year-old international brand exhibition; 06 session of the exhibition are more than 58 countries and regions, more than 300 exhibitors, 08 years have exceeded 400; exhibition area has From 06 Year of 8000 square meters to expand to 08 years 10,000 square meters; nearly ten thousand people from key industrial areas of Asia, professional buyers and brand agents to meet;

Exhibitors range: Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.;

Visitor: Petrochemicals; engineering services; gas processing / refinery; automobile manufacturing; environmental protection; the pharmaceutical industry; construction and building manufacturing; fire; shipbuilding and ship repair; food processing; trading and retail; advisory / management services; government departments; electronics industry; medical and healthcare industry; water supply and water treatment; energy and power; hotel services;

Global demand for pumps and valves 300 billion from the previous two years at an annual growth rate of 1 billion expansion, is expected to reach 49 billion in 2016, of which about 240 million will be settled in the region, while Singapore and neighboring countries in the region pump occupy a great share of the demand for valve products. Pumps, valves and compressor products now cover a wide range of industries, such as: oil, natural gas, environmental protection, textiles, pharmaceuticals, construction, food processing, health care, etc. industries; these products are often referred to as fluid machinery. As the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, many enterprises and giants have converted the direction of development in Asia, and even the development of emerging countries. Contact Singapore as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, international convergence center, one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia. Nearly 28 million people covered by the market range. Singapore has a well-developed sea and air transit hub. Although Singapore has a strict law is almost inhuman, but the national language and the multifaceted nature of religion shows that Singaporeans are inclusive with great force, all inclusive foreign cultural and economic development. No doubt this country, many foreign investors, traders choose the perfect market.

Pumps and systems, valves, seals, pipe and fittings;
Air compressors, gas compressors, compressed air purification equipment and post-processing equipment;
Fluid power, hydraulic and pneumatic components;
Line control system and instrumentation, water quality testing and analytical instruments;
Filtration equipment, environmental equipment, water treatment systems and equipment, Sewage treatment equipment.

The 12th China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition
Dates: 10-12 November 2010

Venue: Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center

In order to fully demonstrate China's latest achievements in the development of the gas industry, and expand domestic and international technical exchanges, business exchanges and economic cooperation and further promote the greater development of the gas industry, China Industrial Gases Industry Association will be held November 10, 2010 ~ 12 in Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre, held in Hall 5 of the Twelfth International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition.

This exhibition in terms of size, number of exhibitors, visitors, exhibits content, scientific and technological content, the degree of specialization, or display results were rated as the international advanced level, in 2009, the Eleventh International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition more is a new high of 10,000 square meters exhibition area, exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, nearly 200, representing the mainstream of China's gas industry development direction. According to statistics, visitors to 4,000 people, including those from the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ecuador, Qatar, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Albania, Mongolia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Oman, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei tour 27 countries. At present, the exhibition has become the world's largest industrial gas industry event, greatly promote the domestic and international manufacturers and technological exchanges between peers and business trade.

    China Industrial Gases Industry Association, the most famous and authoritative as a domestic gas industry associations, to promote the development of China's gas industry since 1999, founded the show has lasted eleven years; exhibition contractors, China Industrial Gases Industry Association Secretary Overseas Liaison Office - Beijing Ya Aite Exhibition Co., Ltd., is China's first international exhibition Union (IAEM) Member of the exhibition company, has a successful and efficient organizational skills and a good exhibition show sense of service.

2010 Twelfth China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition same period, China's air show will also host the 2010 Forum, which will attract more foreign buyers to trade negotiations. The exhibition will also help China to the gas industry to achieve more brilliant achievements. Best service we welcome you.