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Heads Valve applications in the general machinery industry

The use of unit
Shanghai Museum
 Mettler - Toledo
Shanghai Grand Theatre
 Zhejiang Chunhui
Shanghai Municipal Government Building
Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd.
 Emei Semiconductor Material Factory
Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd.
 Praxair (Shanghai) Semiconductor
Shanghai Carrier Air Conditioning
 Anshan Yi Lemu control equipment
York Air Conditioning
 Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research
Shanghai Huayi
 Pall filter
Shanghai Novartis Animal Health
 Cryogenic Equipment Changzhou Cima
Shanghai Tong Zhu A Seke Automation
 Precision tungsten steel Xiamen Bao Chun
The total and live in Shanghai (Group)
 Anhui Huaguang Glass Group
Shanghai Far East Pharmaceutical Machinery
 Lianyungang offshore fluid handling equipment
Medium density fiberboard plant in Nanning
 Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Artificial Board Machinery Co., Ltd.
 ABB Transformer Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Yatai Fire
 Shenyang Transformer Factory
Fire Fighting Equipment Factory Baoji
 Alstom Transformer Co., Ltd. Shanghai
Suzhou City Jetta Fire
 Transformer Co., Ltd. on Haie Hai Fa
Shaanxi Galaxy Fire
 Mitsubishi Corporation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Dalian Rongchang Fire
 Henan Ancaijituan